Sacrilegious? Maybe, but who cares.
I am sure the hardcore BMW owners are balling their fist screaming at the monitor right now but I am glad I got the chance to bag this nice E46.
Starting off with Airlift universal struts for the front, brackets and mounts were fabricated making it a complete bolt in.
The rear was a little bit more simple using Airlifts new VW R32 bag.  It fell right into place with no hassles. Once the bags were mounted, the task of mounting the Accuair E-level arms were next. The front was simple but the rear proved to be a challenge with limited mounting points and tire and wheel clearance. Once the determined placement was desired everything else fell into place.
The management is controlled using Accuair's E-level w/ rocker switch. The switch was mounted under the armrest for easy access but discreet visibility. Using a Viair 444c and a 3 gallon black anodized aluminum tank allowed little space to be used in the trunk area.
I can honestly say that this car is the best riding bagged car I have done so far and handles amazing!